For a reviewer like Phil Busardo to review our product we should be honored. Phil has been in the industry since it has begun, he was one of the first reviewer's on YouTube to ever review a Vape product. His constructive criticism on certain types of devices has given him a reputation for having a great knowledge of the Vape industry and its products. During this time, I know that Phil has started to use pod systems instead of regular mod systems. The reason being he believes pods are the future of vaping. Well regular mods are still on the market they are not as user-friendly as pod systems are. In his review Phil does a great job of showing off our brand or Mario which we are very proud to see displayed everywhere in his video. He goes on to say how much he likes the Vape and he believes it is a good product. The pod system for him is one of the best that he's has tried on the market. Even though his partner Dimitri did not like it but he is also more attuned to mod systems than pods. While each reviewer has their own opinion on what they like or dislike about the product. There is not much to say about the negatives on our device.  It’s small compact and a SLYEEK pod system!
You can see the full review at :
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