If you have ever seen Ryan Hall on YouTube before you know that he is hilarious. He has his own way of making his channel one of a kind. They like to pop their bottles of juice and talk with the Southern accent we have all grown accustomed to on Ryan halls show.
They begin by starting the video with talking about how the company OMARI-O is a vape brand that they have not heard of. But let me tell you they loved the SLYEEK and how it performed, we have auto draw and they like the fill and flavor profiling was spot on.
We appreciate here at Omari-O how they like the features of the magnetic pod fits into the SLYEEK in any direction and the design of the stick. The flute shaped tip is easy for them to hit off of, but they weren’t able to tell people that if you head over to our website and connect with us on any social media platform that we will be able to help them get one in their local store.
The Ryan Hall team liked that the feel is light weight, found an awesome pod system, and it gets you off the disposable. But we do have one thing all in common in this vape industry is that we get them off the cigarettes and stop smoking.

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