A big thanks to Tony Brittan from The Vapor Trail Channel on YouTube for throwing up a review for our product the SLYEEK.
You can see the whole video at ::
With over 163K Subscribers on YouTube Tony has been in the industry for a real long time. I remember when we met in the Vapor Convention in California and went over how proud we were that the industry was very strong and booming. It’s sad to see how much the government and FDA have become involved to try and move towards the removal of vape from the country. It’s sad to see that what we have worked so hard towards is being put under the rug and run over by big tobacco companies. I am sad that not more people have stepped up to the plate to demand our right to vape not be taken from us.
Tony really emphasized that our SLYEEK has one of the strongest batteries for a pod type system. He was very happy to see that with us being a new company that we really stepped up our game for the design and battery life. They are really easy to fill and he’s happy with the taste as well. Overall flavor, light weight feel, able to fit in a pocket so easy, and you are on the go.
He really wants you to get educated for the advocacy and you make sure you check that out on his page. 

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